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Halloween 2011 :: Skull

Well here we are, look number two in our series! This time I decided to do a skull and while looking at an image of a skull looks easy it was a lot harder than I thought. I had to keep washing my face and retrying the look.

This was also the first time I used cream makeup. This also proved difficult to use. I found it easiest to put a pile of it on a clear cutting board and use my foundation brush to apply. However, when it starts to dry it clumps and starts to pull away from the skin. I wouldn't worry about using your makeup brushes though. After I finished the video I simply used my e.l.f. brush shampoo ($3; Buy it here) and it came clean.

But lets get on to the good stuff! Todays look.

.:Products Used:.
Professional Cream Makeup
    - White
    - Black
Theatrical Grease Makeup
    - Gray
Black eye kohl pencil

.:Brushes Used:.
e.l.f. - foundation brush
e.l.f. - lip defining brush
e.l.f. - retractable lip brush

Hope you guys like this look and stay tuned for the next one! = ]

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