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Lush :: Bath Bomb Review

As I told you guys recently I've been experimenting with Lush's various bath bombs. I've recently been able to try out three bath bombs lately. They were the Sex Bomb, Fizzy O'Therapy and the Butterball. All were very interesting...

For the Sex Bomb, Lush says: "Jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang to make you feel like a lover." Well truth be told I just about had a heart attack. The coloring of this bomb is half pink and half purple with a styrofoam flower on top. It smells wonderful and colors your bath water a pretty light pink... However the purple coloring of the bomb stains your tube and what was suppose to be a relaxing soak in the tub turned into a near panic attack as my fiance had just cleaned our white bath tub just two days prior... BUT no need to fear baking soda came to the rescue and came clear... But to avoid any further bath tub tie-dying results I've vowed to stick with only white or extremely light bath bombs... (*Note: I was quite pleased with this bath bomb. I'd just suggest using it if you have a dark colored tub though.)

Next bath adventure, I tried the Fizzy O'Therapy. It's a bath bomb designed to help your muscle unwind. Combined with ginger, cloves, cinnamon and coriander this little baby has quite the fizz bang. There's also a little surprise at the end! (No I'm not telling you'll just have to try it for yourself) This bath bomb was definitely super relaxing and helpful to unwind the sore knotted up muscles. I can definitely see myself purchasing this bomb again in the near future!

The third and final installment in our bath bomb adventure was the Butterball. While its smell was wonderful the residue it left on my body wasn't... Smelling of vanilla, custard and a touch of light floral, its scent was wonderful to my nose. However the chunks of cocoa butter that melt into the water left my skin feeling oily and slimy as well as leaving my tub feeling like a slip-n-slide. I won't be purchasing that bomb again...

Oh well until my next luscious experience soak up some fragrance and relax ladies and gents!   

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