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October Favorites

The month of October came and went so quickly I think my head is still spinning! This month was definitely fun! October features Halloween as you all know and has to be a makeup person's favorite holiday cause it means you can go above and beyond in the world of makeup and parade around in it!

It was a lot of fun this month putting together Halloween tutorials for you guys all to try out. I wish I would of been able to film another one but the flu had other plans for me.. And because of that I have a new obsession VAMPIRE DIARIES! Spending two and a half days on the couch miserable I ended up watching a lot of TV (well more a lot of Netflix). But I stumbled up The Vampire Diaries series on Netflix and they had the first two season. Yeah I'm hooked! I can't get enough of this show and can you say Stefan YUMMY! .:SWOON:. but anyone on to the really good stuff! What was I digging this month?!?!

e.l.f. brush shampoo - $3 :: [Link]
e.l.f. blush – gotta glow - $3 :: [Link]
e.l.f. lipstick – fearless - $1 :: [Link]
Essie – Matte About You - $4.40 :: [Link]

Purple - $15.48 :: [Link]
White Out UV - $24.78 :: [Link]
Black - $24.78 :: [Link]
Red - $24.78 :: [Link]

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