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Casual Everyday OOTD

I kind of feel like every time I post an outfit of the day I'm always so dolled up and that can be a bit misleading. Truth in fact I am a HUGE comfy clothes wearing girl. Me, leggings and oversized t-shirts are BFFs! I love wearing leggings and leg warmers. I even sport them in the summer till it gets to hot then they get put away till the second fall hits then they're back on my legs. HAHA!

So today after getting out of work I decided I wanted to film another video for you guys. Now that I'm feeling better I'm in serious film mode! So with out further ado lets get into the outfit!

Mystic Topaz earrings - $49.99 - Buy It [Here]
White Rib-Knit Tank - $6.00 - Buy It [Here]
V-Neck Tee - $9.50 - Buy It [Here]
Leggings - $10.00 - Buy It [Here]
Leg Warmers - $9.99 - But It [Here]
Fuzzy Warm Socks - $5.00 - Buy It [Here]
UGG Boots - $180.00 - Buy It [Here]
OPI Nail Polish Bogotá Blackberry - $7.34 - Buy It [Here]

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my cardigan. It was bought at Alloy but they don't have it anymore. Sorry guys!

Some funny details about the items I'm wearing:
Leg Warmers: For my leg warmers I usually look for them on eBay and target. Last year I really wanted a grey pair of cable knit leg warmers and could only find them at places like Neiman Marcus for $39.99. I about dropped my eye balls! $40 for a sock with no foot holder?! You must be crazy! So I took to eBay and looked around and was able to buy two pairs (light & dark gray) and get them shipped for about $25. Yeah I think I'll take the route thank you very much....

Mystic Topaz Earrings: Nothing really funny to say but because I feel the video doesn't do them justice I HAD to share a picture of the stone. I love all the colors this stone shows off! It's amazing.

UGGs: While these may seem pricey initially. I can vouch they are worth EVERY penny! I've had them for about 4+ years and they're still kicking! Last year during the Snowpocolypse I wore them out EVERYWHERE, even playing in the snow! And my toes stayed dry! See even in the picture my boots are covered in snow and my feet...DRY! Oh and the furry little fluff ball on my lap would be Rudy my crazy dachshund that thinks he's human. LOL

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