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Cornflake Treats!

These yummy easy treats are a huge hit in our house this time of year! I practically have to beat my fiance with a wooden spoon to keep him from eating the whole tray! Taking only 4 items make this delicious  concoction irresistible! They really are the perfect little treat. And if you'd like to get creative you can lay them out on wax paper in little circles and add some red hot candies to make them look like christmas wreath. However, we really don't dig the red hots in our house so its one giant tray form for us! Let me know what you guys do! 

1 - package marshmallows
1 - stick of butter
6cups - plain cornflakes
Green food coloring (optional) (how green you want them depends how many drops to put in)

1. Melt butter down
2. Stir in marshmallows in till smooth
3. Slowly add cornflakes in till all are covered evenly in marshmallow
4. Spread out in lightly covered cooking sprayed dish and enjoy!
(We like to add the little nonpareil sprinkles to ours for an added addition of fun!)

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