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Friday Favorites

Well here's week twos edition of Friday Favorites! I can't believe it is already December just 23 more days till Christmas is here! Chicago also just got its first snow fall but by morning there was barely and proof. Oh well. I've been sick for what seems forever but finally got in to my doctor and got antibiotics and am feeling human again! But lets get started with this week favorites!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Treat: Starbucks! Mmmm Salted carmel hot chocolate.... DELICIOUS!!

Favorite Shoe: Okay, so really its a slipper but I've been living in them all week since I've be sick. Can be bought [Here]

Favorite Indulgence: Self Pamper night!

Favorite Laugh: Harry Pupper!

So tell me, what were your guys favorite things this week?

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