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Holiday Up Do with Jacqueline Marie

Well we decided since you guys seemed to enjoy mine and Jacqueline's collab video so much that we'd come back with yet another video just in time for Christmas this weekend! After all you guys got the video to over 400 views in less than 48 hours!

Up dos are always one of the most coveted styles for any special occasion yet they always seem to be the hardest to get accomplished...well not this one! A simple and easy look perfect for the beginner (ahem me) or the pro (Jacqueline).

The look is chic yet simple and definitely leaves with out the ponytail issue if you get warm later in the evening. Come on admit it, how many times how you gone out with your hair looking amazing only to have it end up in a ponytail midway through the evening cause you got warm or it was just in your face? I know I'm guilty! Well this look is the perfect fixer for that problem and looks amazing to!

Hope you liked the tutorial! I'd love to see if you guys tried this look! Share the pics! <3

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