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OOTD :: Date Night

So me and Mr. Gregory just got back from out date night. I've already changed into baggie sweats and a tank. *ahhh comfy-ness* and am able to write the blog post to go along with my latest video.

New Year's Eve is tomorrow and instead of planning some crazy thing to end the year in chaos or drunk, we decided to do a date night tonight. It started with us doing dinner at Olive Garden. We wanted to do Cheesecake Factory but with it being a friday night and having to go to Woodfield Mall for it we didn't think it would fit our time frame. However, Olive Garden was yummy and the waitress was really nice.

Next on our date night adventure was a movie. I reserved us VIP seats at the iPic Theater in South Barrington at the Arboretum. It's really cool! You get fully reclining lazy-boy style seats with a fuzzy blanket and pillow as well as complimentary popcorn (which was really yummy). Before the movie starts and while the previews are running you actually have waiters asking if you need anything (they have anything from snacks to full meals). We decided to splurge and get a bottle of wine, nothing to crazy just a bottle of Moscato from Seven Daughter's. It's a really smooth and sweet white wine. I recommend trying it.

We ended up running almost an hour early for our movie so we decided to stop at Victoria Secret cause I had a gift card from Christmas. I ended up getting a pair of super comfy PINK sweats in 2 sizes to bigger than I needed. My thought process is well they are lounge comfy pants so why not get the only size in the pants I want. And to be honest I'm glad I did! They are super soft and comfy and offer lots of room haha!

After our little VS adventure we made it to the theater with about a half hour till the movie. We lucked out though cause they had pool tables to help pass the time. It really brings back memories for me and Gregory as that was what we use to do when we first started dating all the time. We haven't played in I want to say close to 5 years! So we got to play a couple games before the movie all of which Gregory ended up sinking the 8 ball in before he was suppose to and losing. HAHA!

Our movie started at 7 and we went to go see Sherlock Holmes - Game of Shadows. I was worried I wouldn't stay awake for it as I can never seem to stay awake for the first one and I wine always seems to knock me out. I swear it's like a sleeping pill in liquid form for me. But I stayed awake and ended up really enjoying the movie! I definitely recommend going to see it.

After the movie ended we decided to hang out at the bar and finish up our bottle of wine and played two more games of pool. Again I ended up winning, except the last one I made the winning shot versus Gregory sinking the 8 ball to early LOL.

But any who enough of my night lets talk about the outfit!

I wore some new goodies I recently got from Christmas.

Shirt: Alloy - V-Neck Ruched Side
Pants: Angel jeans
Shoes: Ann Michelle - Wild Cat

Here's a better look of the boots.

Unfortunately I bought mine at a local Marshall's for $20 and everywhere I find them online they are $40 and up. Sorry ladies.

Well that's it. Hope you guys like my outfit! And have a happy & safe new years!

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