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Friday Favorites

Well here we are again, another friday has finally shown up. Am I the only one who felt like this week was never going to end?!

I can't even begin to explain the chaos of this week... Basic gist: work email down, important program deadline and fighting with customs.... This doesn't make for a fun and smooth week. But here were are friday at 9 o'clock waiting for Mr. Gregory to get home so we can go to Portillos and NOM on some hot dogs (I get my hotdog with ketchup, sue me I'm a bad chicagoan.) and spend the evening chilling.

I attempted to film a tutorial for this weeks video but alas my head is out of camera view half the time... DAMMIT... So that was a scrap... I'll try and film something else on Saturday maybe. However, I was able to get some pictures of the final look. I was pretty impressed. I used some of my newly acquired makeup. Maybelline's Color Tattoo bases. I have to say I LOVE THEM. I haven't worn the colors for very long to know if it has that whole "24 hour" power but the color pay off is great!

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Favorite Quote: Truth.

Favorite Treat: Girl Scout cookie season is upon us and I'm already like a moth to the flame that is their cookies!

Favorite Indulgence: Audrey Hepburn & little kids. Its perfect! She's to adorable!

Source: via Ann Marie on Pinterest

Favorite Shoe: I am absolutely in LOVE with these shoes!

Favorite Laugh: As much as this made me giggle, I'm not gonna lie. I totally would be like "OH REALLY?! HELL YEAH!"

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