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Friday Favorites

Well Friday has finally arrived I feel like it's taken forever to get here, don't you? Lot of exciting this to come today and this weekend for me! Picking up Breaking Dawn (Yes, I'm a twilight dork) at midnight. (If I'm awake that is) Saturday we are going to take a second look at a house and possibly put in an offer so that is very exciting! And lets be honest it's the weekend what's not to be excited about your alarm not going off at 7:00am?!?! But enough about that lets get on with the weekly favorites!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Indulgence: Chalking hair, a temporary way to color you hair! HOW COOL IS THIS?!

Favorite Treat: Do these not look DELICIOUS?!

Favorite Shoe: Absolutely love this shoes! Love that Alice also has a sleeve!
Source: via Ann Marie on Pinterest

Favorite Laugh: This is something my mother would do to me LOL.

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