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Friday Favorites

Well another week has come and gone! Chicago just got another layer of snow... I was so hopeful spring was near but waking up to everything covered in snow kind of popped that bubble. I'm enjoying a four day weekend as I had to take Gregory to get his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. This weekend should be rather uneventful. We do have the home inspection on this house though so that is really exciting. But enough boring you with every day life things. Haha! Lets get on to the fun stuff! What are my favorites for this week! (Luckily for Gregory the favorite shoe category doesn't end up in my closet... But a girl can dream right?!)

Favorite Quote: Love this!

Favorite Treat: These are one of my favorite candies ever! I seriously can eat a whole bag in one sitting

Favorite Indulgence: Dreaming of summer...

Favorite Shoe: Adore these!

Favorite Laugh: I need no words HAHA!

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