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How To :: At Home Manicure

Everyone loves the look of a fresh manicure but who really wants to constantly have to spend $25 to keep  you nails up when you can get the same thing at home for WAY less?! So I decided to do an at home manicure video.

Things you might need:
Manicure bowl (optional) - $1.79 [Buy here]
Nail Polish Remover - $2.19 [Buy Here]
Cotton Balls - $3.69 [Buy Here]
Base Coat - $6.99 [Buy Here]
Nail Polish - $5.49 [Buy Here]
Top Coat - $7.99 [Buy Here]
Cuticle Pusher - $0.59 [Buy Here]
Cuticle Solution - $4.48 [Buy Here]
Sugar Hand Scrub - $12.00 [Buy Here]

Now while the grand total is $45.21 you are going to be able to get at LEAST 24 manicures done! Going to the salon 24 manicures is gonna run you about $600! You are already saving yourself $554.79 not to mention you can do this in the comfort of your own home! I'll definitely take the at home manicure any day! Now don't get me wrong I don't mind spoiling myself every once and a while and going to the salon and getting my nails done but an at home manicure is cheaper, easier and a lot more fun! It's also perfect for those Sunday evening when you are trying to relax before going back to your daily grind Monday morning!

Now lets get in to the How To!

There you have it, the complete How To :: At Home Manicure! Let me know what you ladies think and if you have any suggestions or techniques you like to use when doing your own manicures!

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