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Friday Favorites

Well we've made it to another Friday here in the US of A! And truth be told this week has be INSANE! Between packing, work, migraines and melt downs I'm wiped! Unfortunately there's no sleep for the busy.... or was it rest for the wicked...? ...oh well... But any who lets get on with the favorites!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Treat: NOM NOM NOM! These are seriously my favorite! Warm out of the oven with some butter! Delicious!

Favorite Indulgence: Dreaming about getting more tattoos, I just never seem to actually get to it.

Favorite Shoe: ooooo These are SUPER cute!

Favorite Laugh: Truth lol. It's just easier.

1 comment:

  1. so lovely favourites :) the food looks so yummy and i really like the first quote :)
    in btw your blog is really nice!
    feel free to check out mine as well, if you like :))