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March Favorites

So March has come and gone I can't believe how quickly it has flown by. We had St. Patricks day and Gregory's birthday (he got a really pretty guitar for his birthday) The Hunger Games came out (I still haven't gotten to see it yet though)

This month though has been really busy I've been doing a lot of freelance work videos while also working full time which has caused me to be a bit behind on my channel. Sorry about that guys.

But let's get into this months favorites....

Clinique - All About Eyes Rich - $29 (0.5oz) / $47.50 (1.0oz) [Buy Here]

China Glaze - Capital Colours Collection (Hunger Games) - $5.99 [Buy Here]

Qupid Taken - Suede Round Toe Wedge - $27.90 [Buy Here]

Skull Candy - Hesh Light - $49.95 [Buy Here
*They no longer have the color head phones I have.

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