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Mani Monday :: China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy

Good evening ladies and gents! Today's "Mani Monday" is brought to you by the amazing brand China Glaze! Today I am rocking the must have color for summer no matter what, Flip Flop Fantasy!

Just look at that color! AMAZING! It totally makes me think of warm sandy beaches! However, I do have some dislikes about this polish... 

To get a non-streaky opaque color I had to do at least three coats of the color and if I wanted a shiny high gloss finish it took two coats of top coat... I painted my nails on Saturday evening and only after two days the tips of my nail polish is peeling which is really disappointing. My toes however have had the color on them going on five or more days and is still going strong.

But all in all I'm still loving this color and even if I have to paint my nails twice a week I'll be rocking this color a LOT this summer!

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