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May MyGlam

Wow I really suck, just now realized I didn't get this posted for you guys when I release the video... OOPS!

Okay, so now that it is almost June (HOLY CRAP WHERE IS THIS YEAR GOING?!) I'm finally able to get the details on the May MyGlam bag up.

This month's bag might have seem scarce or thin for a few people but I was quite excited with it. I've never been let down yet with the MyGlam bag. The theme for the month was "Love is in the air".

Lets start with the ADORABLE bag! Light blue with pink lip prints all over it! I have to say this is my favorite bag yet!

Opening the bag the first thing to grab my attention was the full size Studio Gear lipstick! The color I received was enchanting. I absolutely loved the color, it matched my lip color almost perfectly.

Next in the goody bag was Miss Beauty's Nail Bling in a very cute silver and pink heart bling.

and of course you can't get someone to fall in love with you without smelling good! The third product I found inclosed in my bag was a perfume sample of Philosophy's Love Sweet Love. The sample smelled wonderful with a light fruity floral aroma.

The forth and final thing I found in my bag I was extremely excited was was two more brushes for the MyGlam brush collection! This bringing us to a total of five brushes and completing the set.

MyGlam - Concealer Brush

MyGlam - Defining Eye Brush

MyGlam - Brush Holder

MyGlam - Brush Collection

And there you have it! With the close of this May's MyGlam bag we received a lot of fun products and completed our brush collection. Over all I am a VERY happy girl! Can't wait to see what MyGlam brings us for June!

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