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1st Night in our New Home!

So last night was the first night we were finally able to sleep in our new home! I'd love to say I was excited but to be honest I was more excited to be able to go to sleep! HAHA! We have been going non-stop since we got our keys Thursday at two o'clock!

We've swept, dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the carpets, bleached and mold and mildewed the windows, scrubs the bathrooms down to the point the house smelled like a giant bottle of bleach! But I'll tell you one thing, our house is SPOTLESS! Plus with the smell of bleach being so strong it allowed me to pull all my candles out and disperse them around the house!

Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Marie
Yeah, I can admit I'm OBSESSED with candles but honestly how can you not be?! They smell so good and give you so many options! (Plus a sneak peak at my new office / filming room!)

Now the semi fun begins of moving our stuff in and figuring out where we'd like everything to go. We have our bed and nightstands in the house and are borrowing our living room lamps temporarily till we can get more stuff moved into the house.

The best thing about finally being done cleaning and getting our bed moved in?! I seriously slept so well last night! I don't know if it was from the fact we're exhausted or that the house really just feels comfortable. Regardless I am extremely happy! With my birthday coming up this thursday I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present from Gregory than a home that we can share and grow old together in with the future options of the pitter patter of little feet and a furry corgi!

Stay tuned for all the fun thats just getting started and shows no sign of stopping!

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