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Mani Monday :: China Glaze - Harvest Moon

Good morning ladies and gents! Welcome to another Mani Monday! ....okay yeah I agree, a bit to chipper for a Monday morning!

Guess I'm just a bit excited for this week to finally be here as we close on our house this Thursday! (Pretty exciting!)

Any who.... Lets get to the nails!

Today's nails are from China Glaze's Hunger Games collection. The color is called Harvest Moon, while this color is really pretty in and out of the bottle I have to be honest. I'm not really digging it for a summer color. I think this color would be AMAZING for fall! 

Now don't get me wrong, the formula is great as it is with all the China Glaze colors I've ever used. Going on thick, smooth and opaque with just one coat but being the O.C.D. person that I am I ALWAYS do two coats. This color really is gorgeous its just not a summer color for me.

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