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OMG I'm Buying A House

So the big day is today, we are closing on our house! To say I'm excited doesn't even begin to explain my emotions on this!

There's still a LOT of work to be done. We have a lot of cleaning to do but we're hoping to be at least sleeping in the house by sunday. Being polish and an O.C.D. clean freak my fingers are twitching to get a hold of my vacuum and bleach and be let loose upon my house.

I've very excited to begin the next chapter in my life with Gregory and can not wait to show you my new office / film room when I get it all set up!

Stay tuned for all the fun that will be had in our new house!


  1. I have to say ...
    This new stage will be great!
    Probably going to be amazing.
    Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations!!