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Leave the Remodeling to the Knowledgable

As you guys seem to really enjoy when I blog about the new house and I didn't get a chance to paint my nails last night for our "Mani Monday" post, I figured I'd update you guys on the house.

Buying a short sale house we knew there were going to be some "fixer uppers" that had to take place once we got into the house. We already knew we'd have to replace our half bath floor due to improper installation and water damage to the wood laminate flooring. But when we finally went to pull the toliet out on Sunday we saw how much damage there really was... And let me tell you... It was NOT pretty... GAG!

The bowed flooring from the water damage.

Yes, that's mold where my toilet was...
MOLD! Yes, that is mold that was under the toilet and under the wood laminate as well. This is why when you want to remodel a room you should make sure you either A) Know what you are doing or B) Hire the right person for the job! If you don't know how to do the job DO NOT ...I repeat DO NOT do it yourself!

But any who...

My mom was a one woman wreaking crew and totally knocked the whole bathroom out so we can begin to transform our half bath to fit our tastes. While I want to say I am thrilled that we get to remodel the bathroom it is proving to be an interesting task...

Me and Gregory can only seem to agree on paint colors for the room and can't seem to agree on what to do with the vanity for the bath. I'll keep you posted on that out come!

The stupid piping the crushed my pedestal dream!
I really wanted to do a pedestal sink but after my mom ripped the vanity out that wish was crushed. It seems the plumbers who built the house wanted to be lazy and lay the piping all types of stupid and the only way we can fix it is to break up the concrete (our house is on a slab), fix the pipes and repour concreate. That option wasn't really cost effect so we are back to a vanity option. So we are on the hunt for the proper vanity... Well I've already found the one I want but Greg is very insistant about keeping the original counter and purchasing a new cabinet to put the counter back on (I am clearly not a fan...)

That battle has yet to be finalized. So as of now we have a naked half bathroom waiting for us to make it our own.

Naked bathroom!

Me not in matching clothes (nothing new) LOL

I will keep you guys updated on the process as well as the final look!

To see the final half bath head over: HERE!

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