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Mani Monday :: Naked Nails

Today's mani isn't all the special in fact, I have nothing to show!

Today I am rocking naked nails. With coming to a close on the projects we have been working on in our new home I have been neglecting my nails quite a bit. Up until yesterday my fingers and toes looked like a serious hot mess! Almost all my toe polish was missing and we all know how long toe polish can last... Yeah it's been a while since I've done mine nails... (3 weeks)

Yesterday morning I removed the remaining polish in hopes of painting them later in the evening but never got the chance... le sigh.

I was still rocking my nautical nails that came out UBER cute!

"A Sailor's Life for Me!"
Base color: Azure Blue by Essie
<3: I'm Not Really a Waitress by OPI
Stripes: Sally Hansen's manicure stripes

I'm really feeling for a dark purple or wine color polish but not sure if its to early to pull out those "fall colors" something is to be said about the wonder of a nice dark rich polish while rocking open toe shoes... We'll see...

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