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Friday Favorites

Good morning everyone! Welcome to another week of Friday Favorites! I know I don't have a video up for this week yet! I promise it is coming with this new PC came new editing software so I'm trying to take my videos to the next level by editing them in Adobe After Effects. So have some patience and I promise I'll have a new video up before the weekend is over! Hint: It's a makeup tutorial!

Favorite Quote: Adore this!

Favorite Treat: God, these look SO yummy! I seriously might have to make these this weekend!

Favorite Indulgence: Getting my corgi fix till I can bring one of my own home with the 24/7 Corgi Cam OMG I'M IN LOVE!!

Favorite Shoe: Loving these shoes! Just ordered a pair in black for $27! LOVE!

Favorite Laugh: Ain't that the truth?!

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