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Friday Favorites

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of food and family! While I'm all for a good sale, I'm not one to go out shopping for Black Friday. I did it once for my mom cause there was something she really wanted but had to work and that was more than enough experience to last me a life time! People seriously get crazy!!

So instead of going out shopping today I am setting up our christmas decor for the very first time in our new home! I've already started fighting with the tree so I figured a break to write my friday favorites post was in order! So without further a do! This weeks Friday Favorites!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Indulgence: Looking at corgi puppy pics! Can't wait for tomorrow, we get to meet our corgi pup!!

Favorite Treat: Thinking about making some of these today! Been dying for some sugar cookies!
Source: via Ann Marie on Pinterest

Favorite Shoe: Told Greg I needed a pair of these for when I take Eleanor for a walk! He doesn't seem to concur with me!

Favorite Laugh: LOL This made me giggle.

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