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Mani Monday :: OPI - Russian Navy (Matte)

Let me just take a minute before showing you the pictures how in love I am with this manicure... Okay yeah I know you already saw the picture but just look at it! Isn't that GORGEOUS!

OPI - Russian Navy & NYC - Matte Me Crazy [Flash]

OPI - Russian Navy & NYC - Matte Me Crazy [Direct Light]

I decided I wanted to try this nail combo after seeing it on Pinterest (what would I do with out this website?! Seriously greatest invention EVER!) I use to use Essie's matte top coat (Matte About You) but a few days ago I was finally able to obtain NYC's Matte Me Crazy at my local target (It's damn near impossible to get cause it's only $1.97) and I have to be honest... NYC's matte top coat blows Essie's out of the water!

With Essie's as you apply it the color instantly mattes making the polish look streaky or you end up missing sections of the nail. For NYC's it applies like a shiny top coat so you can make sure you apply it across the whole nail and as it dries it mattes and leaves a smooth matte gorgeous color! I swear it makes me think of a velvet or something! I'll tell you one thing I'm going back and buying a butt load of these matte nail polish!

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