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Mani Monday :: OPI - You Only Live Twice

I have to tell you guys there are a lot of perks to having a best friend in the beauty industry  Today's post is a perfect example of this! I'm not necessarily a "Bond Girl" I wasn't even really that in to the James Bond movies till Daniel Craig became Bond. To be honest I think the only reason I'm so "GAGA" over the newer Bond movies is my love for the Aston Martin DBS... I mean lets be honest... That car is just... well... GORGEOUS! I can't even down play my love for the glorious piece of machinery! But enough about cars... 

Back to the point! 

My best friend Jacquelyn Marie, who's appeared on her before in her "Hair How To Videos" on my channel went to a beauty convention a couple weekends ago and picked me up some goodies to try out and blog about etc. And she had remembered I was telling her about my love for OPI's Skyfall collection. I already went out and got "The Man with the Golden Gun" cause what girl doesn't need a 18k gold flake polish?! So she picked me up You Only Live Twice which is a magenta / red polish with a crazy amount of sparkle!

OPI :: You Only Live Twice [Skyfall Collection]
OPI :: You Only Live Twice [Skyfall Collection]
(In Door)
I really liked the formula on this polish it glided on my nails smooth and very opaque. I do have to admit it's almost a dead ringer for OPI's "Don't Toy With Me" but Don't Toy With Me is a bit darker. However, I am enjoying this color and think it's perfect for the upcoming Christmas season! I just wish I had more talent when it came to nail art. Oh well maybe one day?!

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