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Christmas Goodies 2012

This Christmas I have to admit I lucked out quite a bit! For not asking for anything besides Eleanor (even though I've been asking for her going on two years now! LOL) I got everything I could have wanted this! Gregory even surprised me with another unannounced gift!

However, being 25 years old with a home you tend to ask for random things you can use in your house, like towel and sheets plus when you come across things you want you usually buy them. But to avoid making the video boring I put in all the good things I got for Christmas!

What I got:
Eleanor - If interested in a corgi I know a great breeder! ; ]
Michael Kors MK5223 (Rose Gold) - [Buy Here]
Hunter 'Original Tall' Gloss Rain Boot (Black) - [Buy Here]
Hunter Fleece Welly Socks (White) - [Buy Here]
Craftsman 12 in. Tool Totes (Pink) - [Buy Here]
Bissell Spotbot Pet - [Buy Here]

I didn't provide links for everything but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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