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Mani-c Monday :: Revlon - Velvet Rope

If you guys couldn't tell my crazy weekend has carried over to a Manic Monday  It is now 8:48pm and I am finally able to sit down and write this week's Mani Monday post!

Over the weekend we we're finally able to go get our little corgi puppy, Eleanor! She is hands down the most spoiled fur ball on this planet and knows it! She even made her first Julep purchase! Okay, Mommy made the purchase but she got something out of it to!

I've been looking at Julep for what seems like months and have been dying to try some of their color but just couldn't get past the $14.00 a polish thing (I know, this coming from the one who spent $38 on a polish but that was a limited edition GOLD flake polish) but right now Julep is doing a "12 Days of Gifting" sale and had a really awesome deal going on for you and your pup so naturally I had to get it!

In the bundle came: Caroline, Hilary, Fast Dry Top Coat and Sharon for polishes, glycolic hand scrub, age defying hand brighter, a sample of "The Best Pedi Creme Ever!" as well as some information packets. But why might you ask was for little Eleanor?! That is missing from the picture as the instant she saw it, it was gone! HAHA! Like I said, she's a spoiled brat! But I did manage to get a picture!

Introducing the newest face at Nski Beauty: Eleanor the Pembroke Welsh Corgi!
Included in the box of nail goodies for Mommy came a Christmas Bo-Bo that was the perfect mini size for our little Eleanor! I haven't had the chance to try the polishes out yet as they just came in the mail this evening but know I'll be trying them soon as I'm DYING to try them out! HAHA!

But  aside from all of that I was able to paint my nails Friday evening before the chaos of being a Corgi Mom began! I decided to go with Revlon's Color Stay in the color Velvet Rope! I know it's already been a Mani Monday in the past and I do try to not repeat polishes so you guys can check out new colors you may want to add to your collection but I have to admit I really do love this shade of red!

Revlon Color Stay :: Velvet Rope [Flash]
Revlon Color Stay :: Velvet Rope [In Door]
I do have one down side to this polish but its more with the package design than the formula. Although the formula is a bit thick for my taste, it is manage. The one thing however that bugs me is the applicator brush! I'm not sure if mine was just a mess up fluke in production or if its a normal design for the brush as this is my only color stay polish but it made application a bit of a messy nightmare! I was tempted to grab another polish's brush rinse it out with some nail polish remover to finish applying my color but just trucked on through and took some extra care to clean it up! Over all after three days of wear and tear (teething puppy, need I say more?) They are holding up very well!

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