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True Life: I'm a Nail Polish Addict

While I was hoping to show off swatches of China Glaze's Avant Garden collection today I unfortunately didn't get a chance to swatch the colors so it will have to wait. I did however get a chance to finish an inventory of all my nail polishes...

Beneath this cover is where I store ALL my polish and some random other things!

TADA! That is all my nail polish minus my new polishes Gregory bought me for Valentine's Day! To be honest the final count was kind of scary and left Gregory with the smart remark of:

"And you think you need more polish?!"
Why yes of course I need more nail polish honey! 

L to R | Snap My Dragon, Mimosas Before Manis, Keep Calm, Paint On, Fade Into Hue, Sunday Funday, Fancy Pants, Tart-y For The Party, Dandy Lyin' Around
After adding the eight Avant Garden polishes Gregory got me. I have a final count of 211! And lets be honest I know I'm no where near done buying nail polish! I can only imagine what amazing colors will be released this year that I know I will just HAVE to buy or I'll die!

Curious to see what I have in my collection?! Check it out here: CLICK ME!

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