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A Random Wednesday Post!

So it's a typical Tuesday evening and I am writing my post for Wednesday morning... Or more I'm writing today's post as you guys are reading it on Wednesday... Okay I'm being way to confusing...

I was racking my brain on what to post for today but was kind of stumped... so I decided I'd talk about the random things I've looked at Tuesday evening! I guess it is kind of a glimpse behind the blog? LOL

I took to YouTube in search of music and stumbled on Christina Perri's A Thousand Years and fell in love! Well I first heard it in the final installment of Breaking Dawn but kind of forgot about it till last night! Enjoy!

I then wondered around Etsy looking for pretty vintage hair combs for my wedding hair.

Credit: treasures570

Credit: WearableArtz
Aren't they gorgeous?! I'm going with a vintage / classy theme for my wedding and thought this be the perfect additive!

And finally in my exciting epic evening I created my beloved corgi her own Facebook Page cause I'm a nerd and everyone who comes across her loves her so why not?! LOL Come like her page! [Click Here]

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