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Nail Art :: Love or Hate?

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Nail Art, it seems to be all the new rage. You either love it or hate it. From simply chevron patterns to more complex characters. For me? I am definitely a lover of nail art! While that may be hard to believe as I am usually sporting a single color polish on my finger nails, I have to admit decorative nails are something I covet.

Talon nails to the extensive blinged out nails. I think they are all amazing! I always find myself searching the DIYs on all these fun nails but find I don't seem to have the patience to go to crazy just yet. Over Christmas I tried my hand at some nail art with my reindeer nails that I was pretty proud of! Or the glitter ombre I was obsessed with doing with China Glaze's Holiday glitters! One day I hope to be able to do some of the crazy designs I see.

Even New York Fashion Week join in on the nail craze!

What do you think of the current crazy nail crazy? Love or Hate?

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Do you have any fun & crazy nail blogs you follow? I'd love to check them out! Please share them below.

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