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My Life via Instagram I - @NskiBeauty

Happy Monday all! I don't have a fabulous new nail for today as I spent last night having a amazing girls night and crashed after everyone left so I decided I'd share my past week in Instagram pictures!
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New necklace from Target
Winston decided to give me car trouble...
Dragon's Egg Nail
Eleanor is just as obsessed with FroYo as we are!
Our Engagement Pictures!
More Engagement Pictures
Mmmmm FroYo
Had a fabulous Girl's Night with these lovely ladies!
New obsession Captain Crunch Frap!
Went OCD and sorted my Jelly Belly's
Mommy's Little Fox
Eleanor's first walk in the woods.
Shameless Selfie before getting my wedding dress
Debating Short or Long hair after the wedding.
Eleanor refusing Mommy kisses.
My adorable sleeping fox.

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