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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday darlings! I hope you all had an amazing week and have awesome plans for this weekend! Don't forget to get your mother something special with it being Mother's Day Sunday!

This evening I'm hoping to talk Gregory into going to BD Wong's one of my favorite restaurants at the moment. It's a Mongolian BBQ place that is just DELICIOUS! For Saturday we have a church thing for our wedding, it is a "Evening of Celebration". We go for evening mass and then have dinner with our Deccan, Sponsors and the other couples that are getting married this year. Sunday we have Mother's Day celebrations to go to, a luncheon for Gregory's Grandma and then probably take my mom to Yogurtland for some froyo since we are both obsessed and give her the gift me and my sister picked up for her.

What did you guys get your mom for Mother's Day?

Favorite Quote: Tis true! That be so nice!

Favorite Indulgence: ooooo Ombre lips!

Favorite Treat: While it's not food it's kind of a treat to be a kid again!

Favorite Shoe: I'm sticking with I with my previous statement from last week's shoes... I want silver! HAHA!

Favorite Laugh: BAHAHAHAHA!

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