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Life as a Corgi Mom!

So for this week's Wednesday post I decided to talk about my darling goof ball of a tank fur ball corgi, Eleanor! She recently turned 7 months old on the 11th and I can't believe how much she's grown and and changed our lives.

After two years of begging, pleading and pretty much driving poor Gregory up a wall he finally let me get the corgi I'd been dreaming about! For Christmas 2012, Gregory got me my darling Eleanor! This was the first time I laid eyes on my little Eleanor! She was the laziest and quietest one in the bunch. I was so torn between her and her sister I didn't know what to do!

I even tried talking Gregory into getting me both but I didn't have any luck in swaying him with that LOL. We finally picked which one would be our Little Eleanor and it was another two weeks before we could take her home.

I lived off staring at this picture for TWO WEEKS! I think I drove everyone nuts showing off her picture and constantly talking about her! I couldn't wait to get her home and snuggle my darling little corgi girl! She instantly stole our hearts and took over the house. With a face like her's we could hardly say no to her! Finally after two weeks of waiting the time had finally come where we could bring our adorable mogwai lookalike home!

To say I was excited doesn't even begin to explain it!
Picture Taken: (L to R) December 12, 2012  |  February 2, 2013  |  May 21, 2013
She grows like a weed and constantly keeps us laughing she just weighed in a little over 25lbs last week and has now been dubbed our Little Tank. We absolutely adore her and look forward to all the years we have with her! As you all know she was in our engagement pictures and come September she will be in our wedding pictures as well! She really is our furry little child. Now for more pictures!


And one of my favorite pictures of all times is one of the more recent picture Gregory was able to capture on one of our walks. She really is a goof ball!

And to close off this very picture heavy post TWO MORE PICTURES! LOL 

Cute faces & Corgi butts!

Hope this post made your day! If you want more Eleanor be sure to check out her Facebook Page! I post a LOT more pictures of her goofy antics over there! [Eleanor the DelFabulous Corgi
Or you can go to her Tumblr... yes, my corgi is a little social bug to!
[Eleanor The Corgi]
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