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May Ipsy Bag :: Spring Fling

Hello Darlings! Sorry I didn't have a post yesterday it was a super crazy day I even missed work. Poor little miss Eleanor had a scare and we had to rush her to the vet and I had to engage crazy worried mommy mode!

Poor Sick Baby

It seems Eleanor had eaten some of the grass seed Gregory laid down and it had fertilizer in it which is toxic to dogs but Ellie ended up throwing up before we rushed her to the vet and we plowed her with tons of water and monitored her like a hawk and she's back to her normal self THANK GOD!

For this month's Ipsy bag the theme was "Spring Fling"

May Ipsy Bag - Spring Fling

Juice Beauty

Coconut Crushed Pearl
Luminizing Body Butter
Pacifica - Tahitian Gardenia
Yaby - Buff


I actually had a tough time choosing my favorite product in this months bag. It's a tie between Pacifica's Tahitian Gardenia perfume and the ZOYA Jacqueline nail polish!

I love how the perfume has this amazing floral scent that seems strong but is actually subtle. I was so sure I wouldn't be able to wear it without setting Gregory's allergies off but was pleasantly surprised when he didn't even has a hint of a runny nose! I could smell it on me through out the day but no one else seemed to.

The ZOYA polish is one of my first by this brand and I'm so HAPPY I got this shade! It reminds me of one of my favorite Bath & Body Work's candles Marshmallow Fireside. It's a nice creamy finish too. I can't say on stay power as I just applied it then ended up switching colors for a more vibrante color. Next time I use it I'll make sure to let you guys know how that goes!

The two products I wasn't to thrilled about but wasn't disappointed about were the Juice Beauty lip gloss and the luminizing body butter. For the lip gloss it was just not the right color for my skin tone and for the body butter I'm just not really into shimmery / glittery skin. All though the coconut scent made think of summer!

For the Yaby eye shadow I am happy with the color I received as I've been gravitating towards nudes and natural shades so this was PERFECT for me!

I have to admit the longer I am a member of Ipsy the better the bags get. It really is worth the $10.00! You should sign up today if you can! It's a great way try new projects without having to dish out a large sum  of money.

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