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My Life via Instagram II - @NskiBeauty

Since everyone seemed to enjoy my last Instagram post I decided I'd give it another go this week plus I totally was stumped on what to write LOL.  Enjoy!

Picked up our bricks for our new front Patio
Makeup to get my wedding dress!
Selfie on the way to dinner
True Life: My dog is more popular than me! LOL
My Eleanor corgi marker!
Denim Twins
Jacqui's Birthday Adventure
JuRin deliciousness!
Noodle & Company's Wisconsin Mac & Cheese 
May the 4th be with you! ; )
No makeup and perfect skin thanks to Clarisonic
Saran Wrap Nails!
Tis True! LOL

Stick It 2 Me Giveaway!
Stick It 2 Me Giveaway Pt. 2

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