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My Life via Instagram IV - @NskiBeauty

I have to admit I really enjoy doing these weekly Instagram posts... it partly may be that it is really easy to put together but you all seem to really enjoy them to! This past week was definetely eventful. Miss Eleanor got herself a life jacket for the lake if summer ever decides to show up... and I had my first wedding dress fitting!

  • Decided to have a Harry Potter marathon with hubby for the last couple nights.
  • Showing off my chili addiction...I can't get enough of this stuff I'm constantly eating it!
  • Eleanor in her raspberry pink life jacket (she's not to fond of it)
  • Woke up Saturday morning sweating and to a furry saddle named Eleanor she's definitely mommy's cuddle bug!
  • Enjoying iced coffee and actually write this blog post!
  • My outfit of the day sunday for my first dress fitting and to run errands with my mom.
  • Showing off all the stuff I can get in my nail organization tool box. [Video Here]
  • Announced the winners for our Stick It 2 Me giveaway!
  • Crazy clouds from one of the many storms we've been getting with all this rain... Come on summer get here!
  • My darling new shoes I got from UrbanOG
  • The only sneak peak of my wedding dress anyone is allowed till the wedding ; ]
  • The Swarovski earrings my parents bought me for the wedding! Can't wait to wear them!
    They are so 1920's & vintage looking!

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