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Friday Favorites

Hello my darlings! It's one of my favorite days of the week as you all know, FRIDAY! I don't have anything exciting planed for this weekend but I am looking forward to at least sleeping in. For some reason my sleep schedule has been super wonky this week and I can't fall asleep before midnight which really stinks cause my alarm goes off at 6:40 A.M.! UGH! But I plan on catching up on missed sleep over the weekend!

Favorite Quote: It's true! LOL

Favorite Indulgence: Now that I have my Canon I've been pouring over different photography ideas!

Favorite Treat: Not only are these adorable but who doesn't love sugar cookies?!

Favorite Shoe: Yup, I've changed my wedding heels again... I know I'm nuts but I think I finally found "The One" and I'm running with it!

Favorite Laugh: LOL I'm dying! These are too funny!

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