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My Life Via Instagram VIII - @NskiBeauty


  • Sporting my arm candy. Probably a little over kill but oh well!! LOL
  • These are a few of my favorite things! Michael Kors rose gold watch and my BCBGeneration bracelets
  • This is how I have to do my makeup every time no joke. Miss Eleanor must know every thing that is going on and be the center of attention!
  • Walking the walk. Mommy's little model
  • Heading up to the lake house to relax!
  • Eleanor is a little piggy. Her newest thing is to knock her food all over the place and leave it... 
  • China Glaze - VII
  • Rocking the clean & white Keds
  • My newest addiction, my Keurig! It's like having a coffee house at home!
  • Lamborghini Reventon - simply beautiful car! 
  • Wednesday's outfit of the day - VS Pink sundress and Playboy wedges
  • Selfie!

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