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Wednesday Mani - Starry Night Sky

I apologize, I didn't have a post up this past Monday, I was still a bit beat from celebrating my Bachelorette Party with my girls! Which was fan-freaking-tastic by the way! Here's a couple pics of me! (Pretty much a before & after drinking LOL) We had a "Little Black Dress" theme.

I was lucky enough my buddy brought his Lotus out for us girls to have an impromptu photo shoot with (which we of course took full use of!) and the second pic is me on my way to the car at the end of the night. Not exactly the greatest picture of me but it definitely shows I had one heck of a Bachelorette Party! Even my new Mommy & fellow blog girl friend Jess of Sparkles & Crafts made it out for part of the night!

To make up for missing Mani Monday I decided I'd take this week's manicure one step further and film a tutorial to go with it. Bare with me as I'm still learning my "Big Boy Canon" filming abilities but I think I finally got the picture aspect! LOL

Can we just take a minute to admire that crisp clean quality... okay I'm good now. LOL

For this manicure I used a few polishes:
Orly - Liquid Vinyl
China Glaze - Blue Bells Ring
NYC - Cashmere Creme
OPI - Last Friday Night
Circus by Andrea's Choice - Reverso

To help speed up my dry time I used Nicole by OPI - Drying Drops. Let me tell you those little drops are mini miracles for nails! Drop a couple drops to each nail and in 10 minutes your nails are dry and ready to go! I absolutely ADORE this product!

To learn how to do it just check out the video:

Thanks for watching and if you'd like to see any other tutorials don't hesitate to ask.

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