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Press Release :: Essie Fall 2013 for the twill of it

Introducing the essie 2013 fall collection
Summer’s over and its truly time to get back to business, the business of fashion. Every autumn, New York City becomes a flutter with Fashion Week – full of fun, phenomenal inspiration. Everything from the oil slicks on the Manhattan streets after a thunderstorm, to the schoolgirls and boys filling the streets in their pleated navy skirts and blue-black blazers – serve as a muse for the essie 2013 fall collection.

Fall is the perfect season to layer on the cozy and amp up the style. Rich fabrics, sumptuous knits punctuated with accents of lace and the occasional ultra-fine silk twill create a lavish palette of textures that’s just impossible to resist. The essie 2013 fall collection boasts fashionable shades for your nails that resemble lush cashmere, rich twill and luxe lace.

“I love the idea of creating polish that’s like the proverbial boyfriend sweater – in this case, a blazer borrowed from the boys,” says brand founder and Global Creative Director Essie Weingarten. “Creating nail color with a warm and fuzzy feeling can be tricky,” Weingarten explains. “But when you get it right, it really is like putting on your favorite sweater.” Transferring the soft volumes and rich woolens of the fall runways, essie offers six seductively tactile shades that radiate beautifully tailored warmth.

the lace is on to set the pace for the fashion season. Go back to cool in an after school boy blazer or positively posh in a twin sweater set. While some have a vested interest in the pursuit of style, other dress just for the twill of it – and then there are those who simply want to put on a luxurious cashmere bathrobe and call it a day.

essie’s fall 2013 collection retails at $8 per bottle and will be available in September 2013 at, fine salons and beauty destinations nationwide.

America’s nail salon expert since 1981, essie was founded in New York City by Essie Weingarten, the authority on color. essie is beloved for a visionary approach to nail lacquer featuring catchy, clever names that created a new standard for the category. A leader in luxury, essie is the go-to nail brand for beauty professionals, industry insiders, celebrities and women of style in over 100 countries. essie is committed to safe standards with an awardwinning line of nail care products and more than 900 shades created to date.

twin sweater set
vibrant crimson red

the lace is on
jewel-toned pearlescent fuchsia

afterschool boy blazer
deep midnight blue

for the twill of it
compelling with maple with
reflective olive shimmer

cashmere bathrobe
true flannel gray

vested interest
cool grey teal

Press Contacts:
essie Public Relations
Liz Koppelman
P: 212.984.4960
Blue Sky Communications
Erin Doyle
P: 212.995.1777  |  |  |  |

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