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Friday Favorites

Good morning darlings! It's Friday and I haven't a thing scheduled for this weekend! They are calling for rain most of it so I'll probably hang around the house and work on random various things! Or I'll end up rewatching The Little Mermaid again since I finally picked that up. Am I the only one who's a fully grown adult that completely loses her mind when another Disney movie is release from the vault and have to run to the story and purchase it? I will forever be a Disney girl and proud!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Indulgence: I know I keep indulging in fall clothing but its still hot here in Chicago so fall clothing just isn't happening yet.

Favorite Treat: Does this not look delicious and yummy!

Favorite Shoe: These are seriously so fabulous!!

Favorite Laugh: This seriously had me cracking up! I might have to add this to my collection of coffee mugs!

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