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Mani Monday :: Essie - Toggle to the Top

Good evening darlings! I was so proud of myself yesterday when I filmed two videos and knocked out my pictures for today's post before dinner that after we finished dinner (Gregory made fondue!) I was in such a food coma I completely forgot to put my post together till this morning on my way to work! HAHA!

For this week's Mani Monday I decided to try out one of  Essie's Winter 2013 nail polishes that really fits Christmas more but we already know I'm a bit gunge-ho on the holidays this year. This polish also reminds me of Dorthy's shoes from The Wizard of Oz.

I am a bit on the fence with this polish while the color is gorgeous I did have some issues with it. You definitely need to apply two coats of color to get the glitter to apply and I had to do two thick coats. I also recommend applying a top coat if you don't normally because the polish did dry more on the matte side and left the polish looking dull and dingy...but applying a nice top coat made it look AMAZING!

I do admit after trying out Toggle to the Top I am thinking about scooping up more of the Winter collection so stay tuned for more swatches on the collection!

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