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Mani Monday :: Finger Paints - Sketch-y

Good morning my darlings! I hope you weekend was wonderful! Mine was extremely crazy and nothing went to plan but what can you do? This week's manicure seemed to want to keep up the difficult roll as my top coat bubbled up around the edges for some weird reason. I'm betting by Tuesday evening I'll be changing my polish color. LOL But none the less here's this week's mani!

That was the only picture I was able to capture completely clear but just to show the color in various lighting I wanted to still include a couple pictures even though they are a bit blurry.

This is my first time trying out Finger Paints' polish, I liked how the formula applied and was opaque after a single coat. The formula was a bit runny but nothing to terrible. I'm not sure why the bubbling occurred perhaps my INM top coat didn't mix well or the color wasn't dry enough before I applied the top coat. I'll definitely have to give it another shot some other time with a different top coat to see if  I get the same results.

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