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Friday Favorites :: Holiday Edition!

So I suck and completely failed and didn't get a chance to do more post this week..I got backed up with last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping presents. But I promise there will be a new video Saturday to make up for it! WOOHOO!! And because this is the last Friday before Christmas lets make it an extra festive one! I'll be adding some extra holiday cheer this weekend by baking lots of Christmas cookies (kolaches, corn flake treats and pretzel cookies!)

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Indulgence: Our home all decorated for Christmas!

Favorite Treat: Warm coffee & a good holiday inspiring magazine! Plus Christmas cookies but I don't have any fun pictures of those just yet! This weekend for sure!

Favorite Shoe: I've been sporting my Hunter rain boots more this season but I seem to have misplaced my sock liners for them so they can be a bit cold. I am on the hunt for a red plaid pair of sock liners... I think that would look adorable!

Favorite Laugh: Watching this little psycho bolt around our yard in the snow. She absolutely LOVES winter & snow. Mommy will stay inside and watch LOL.


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