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Mani Monday :: Busy Girl Nails Winter Challenge Week 3 - Glitter

Good morning darlings! We have now reached week three in the Busy Girl Nails Winter Nail Art Challenge! This week's nail art challenge was Glitter! I've been seeing triangle nail art a lot but haven't really tried it out.

When I sat down to create this week's manicure the triangle nail art was the first thing that popped into my head. I started off with applying two coats of Sinful Color's Black on Black and allowed it to dry completely. This is EXTREMELY important. When you want to create the triangle look your base coat needs to be dry.

For my accent nail I used one of my all time favorite glitters China Glaze's Glistening Snow, applying two thick coats and applied a thick top coat of inm's Out the Door to smooth the texture out. Once my nails were dry I went in with Essie's Hors D'Oeuvres and scotch tape to create the triangles.

To create your triangles all you need to do is apply two pieces of tape to your nails leaving where you want you triangle at. (This is why its important to make sure your base coats is completely dry) Apply your triangle color then remove the tape immediately but slowly and carefully. (Removing your tape after you apply the polish will give you a crisper line.) I usually allow the polish some time to dry before applying my top coat so I don't smear my triangles and that's it. You're done!

I'm so excited with how this look came out! At first I was kind of skeptically about using black as a base. I started to think it might have been to dark of a color for winter but was very happy with how the glitter broke the color up!

Hope you darlings have an amazing Monday and if you're participating in the Busy Girl Nails Winter Challenge be sure to share your designs with me! I love seeing everyone's interpretations!

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