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Mani Monday :: Striped Pastels

Good morning darlings! How is everyone adjusting to daylights savings time? I'm personally ecstatic cause that means spring is getting closer and closer! They are even calling for temps in the 50's today!!! Which of course Chicago being the jerk that it is we will be returning to temps in the low 30's by mid week...BOO! LOL

For this week's manicure I decided to keep up the creative juices and try my hand at more nail art.. This could be one of the best / worst ideas I've had... I headed over to Pinterest to get some inspiration and found some things that sparked my interest and started to flesh my idea out... Little did I know this nail art would take me three plus hours to complete... Let me tell you, I have a new found appreciation for the pros at nail art. Those girls patience must be endless! 

I started with my base coats, I've been using two for a while now trying to regain my nail strength from having acrylics at the wedding starting with Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails and then going with Seche Clear. For my base color I went in with two coats of Essie's Mint Candy Apple and allowed a full hour of dry time. After I was positive Mint Candy Apple was completely dry I applied a straight line of top and went in with Revlon's Lily and topped with inm's Out the Door to smooth the line between colors and again allowed for a full hour of dry time, next up with Sally Hansen's Celeb City. Again I applied a straight line of tap and applied Celeb City. The trick to getting crisp lines is to paint one nail at a time and remove the tape immediately. After giving Celeb City some dry time I applied Out the Door. To finish up the look I took Orly Liquid Vinyl and a #0 striping brush and applied stripes between each color.

If having the patience to wait between each coat wasn't enough to test my patience attempting to do the striping was enough to make me question this whole nail art business. While it came out... okay at best, I do know practice makes perfect. Game on!

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