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Mani Monday :: OPI - 4 in the Morning

Good morning darlings! This weekend was pretty eventful: I hosted a Thirty-One party and made tons of yummy snacks with the help of my wonderful husband, went to Jacquelyn Marie's birthday party, mowed the lawn for the first time (Yeah I know, I'm almost 27 years and I've mowed a lawn one other time LOL) and I got some yummy yummy froyo! Yup, definitely a fun & epic weekend.

Now I know normally I'm obsessed with pastels & neon colors but something got me in the mood to rock a dark polish. I didn't want to go uber dark and go straight to black so I decided a nice gray would be perfect! Which I naturally reached for OPI - 4 in the Morning! Now this polish is meant to be used without a top coat but I wasn't feeling the satin/matte finish so I finished my mani off will my favorite top coat and was so pleased with the final result!

And can we just take a second to how wonderful my cuticles are looking?! I've been smothering my hands with tons of lotion lately so that could be why but I have to admit I am quite ecstatic how nice they are looking!

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