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Updating My Beauty Routine

As a full time working mother the one thing I cherish and covet is a little "me" time. I don't get as much as I use to (not that I'd trade that for the world!) but I like to make sure I try and make time for it. I like to save my "me" time for after my son's bedtime so I know I can relax and enjoy my time without having to tend the Little Man. To start my routine off I like to wipe off the day's dirt & grime and found Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Wipes. They get all the dirt and grossness from the day off, smell great and don't leave my skin feeling slimey or dry. Plus how cool is it that they are jet black?!

Then it's time to hop in the shower, I tend to have oilier hair so the new L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner have been amazing to combat that oil! Plus they have a pre-shampoo clay mask & dry shampoo that work great and help extend the oil fighting without drying my hair out. It also helps it smells great too! (I'm a sucker for great smells!) To help combat the dry skin that comes with winter (even if its been a MUCH milder winter than Chicago is use to!) I'm really enjoying my new Dove deep moisture Shower Foam. It lathers wonderfully, gently cleans and leaves my skin feeling moisturized!

To finish off my nightly pamper I make sure to brush my teeth with my Optic White toothpaste and follow up with my mouth wash (what girl doesn't want perfect white teeth?!) then it's off to bed for the night. Which usually means laying in bed and surfing on my phone to catch up on social media stuff and "window" shop online with things I won't buy LOL

In the morning, I've started a new routine (which to be honest I don't always do but try and do at LEAST twice a week) and I apply makeup, nothing crazy just something to look a little more put together. It's been amazing with my motivation in the morning. I find I get dressed a bit nicer (versus the usual t-shirt & leggings bit - hey Mom Life Yo!) and even try and do my hair more than a typical "mom bun". Plus with spring around the corner it has me super excited to get back in to cute dresses and fun shoes!

Found something that caught your interest in this post? Head on over to the beauty aisles at your local Meijer to scoop them up and update your beauty routine!

What's something you do in your routine to make you feel extra special? Let me know in the comments below!

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