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Baking Beauty :: DIY Beauty Remedies

Decided to try something a little different this time around. Everybody loves learning how to do some DIY things and its even better when it's things found in your house! So I decided to film an informative video on five different beauty remedies that you can make at home. You will find the recipes below. Check the video out for more info.

Disclaimer: I didn't come up with these recipes. I came across these recipes from various YouTube guru's and looking through the internet.

Eye Makeup Remover 1
- ½ Olive Oil
-  ½ Witch Hazel

Eye Makeup Remover 2
- 3 tsp Vaseline
- 3 tsp Aloe Vera

Lip Scrub
- Olive Oil
- Sugar

You want to make it more of a paste. (Sugar > Olive Oil)

Face Scrub
- Lemon Juice
- Sugar
- Cotton Ball
- Water (optional to dilute if necessary)

Egg Mask
- 1 tsp Honey
- ½ tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
- 1 eggs
- 2 bowls

Hope you guys learned something new! See you next video.

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