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Lush :: Bath Bombs

Had the pleasure of using one of my Lush bath bomb yesterday. Being that it was my first time ever using one, I was pleasantly surprised and amused!

First you run a hot bath, once you get the water to the desired height you drop the bath bomb in. This is where the fun begins. It immediately starts to fizz and foam and pretty much explodes. I used the Sakura bath bomb.
And it smelled AMAZING and left my skin feeling silky and smooth. The scent was wonderful as well. I'm completely in love with these little balls of scented heaven! I can't wait to go back and get more. I'm hooked.

I've never been one who's able to sit in a bath and just lay there. I just get to antsy and usually am out in 10-15 minutes. This is obviously not very effect to use a bath bomb. However I was able to sit back and enjoy the deliciously scented water and relax while reading a book. I've even told myself, I will be scheduling a weekly bath to absorb and try out all the bath bombs I can! 

So until then soak up some delicious scents and relax.

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